You've been stuck. Limited. Fearful. And settling for less than you deserve.

You want more in your life: More success, more joy, more freedom, but you know that will require you to show up differently, and take control of your reality.

You are ready for a fully immersive intensive experience for the business woman who is ready to look deep within herself and do the inner work she knows is keeping her stuck and blocked from success.

Transform Weekend is just that: A full weekend  transformation: Leave your home to do the work, and come back a changed and transformed women. 

This weekend intensive is a fully immersive inner work experience. Day one we go deep into reconditioning the subconscious and correcting all of your limitations, fears and blocks. Be prepared to take control of your emotional, physical and financial destiny once and for all!


Day two we recorrect all the resistance that exists in your business and go deeper into strategy and game plan of building your brand and elevating your message and mission for your business.

There are 12 spots and the energy of each participant is very important.

This is no judgement welcome. No inferiority. No criticism. This is a space for us to come together as sisters and support one another as we grow, expand and evolve into our next level. 

Get in with the early-bird pricing until January 30th for $997. 

Regular pricing of Transformation weekend is $1,497. 

*Hotel and airfare are not included.


DATES: FULL DAY INTENSIVE STARTS 9AM MARCH 6, MARCH 7 and MARCH 8 (March 8 is a half day of optional play) 


DETAILS OF DAY ONE: Day one is a full blown inner and personal transformation. We recondition your subconscious to remove old stories, blocks and obstacles that are keeping you stuck and in fear so that you can finally claim your destiny!

DETAILS OF DAY TWO: Day two is business strategy. We will shift and get clarity in a new way and align you with the next steps of your business. Leave the weekend with a game plan and a next level strategy!


Transformation weekend will take place at the Goodwin in Hartford, CT. Students must book their own hotels for their visit.



The Goodwin is a 24 minute drive from Bradley International Airport. We recommend getting an Uber or taxi to the hotel.



No. You just need to show up to that location for our scheduled event times. You can stay at lower cost hotels in the area if you'd like!

If you enroll before January 30 we can give you a 3 month payment plan. Email [email protected]



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