The Rising sisterhood starts again in March 2020 and is a eight month experience.


There are 12 spots and the energy of each participant is very important.

This is no judgement welcome. No inferiority. No criticism. This is a space for us to come together as sisters and support one another as we grow, expand and evolve into our next level. We are all equals, growing and ready to be seen by each other.

This mastermind is an eight month experience. Each month their will be 2 full 90 minute calls and a private mastermind group chat so we can support one another in between sessions.

Call times will be decided after all our beautiful sisters are called in together (we will pick times that work for everyone.)

In the middle of the Mastermind (June in CT) and again at the end of the mastermind (November in LA) we will come together in an in person experience for a three day full immersion that includes spiritual circle, inner work, play and business masterminding sessions. The specific location details are TBD.

The cost of the Rising Sisterhood is $997/month or a one time payment of $7,777

You know if this offer is calling you. If it is, you can reach out on instagram. and we can connect privately about the next steps for you to enroll early.


*Hotel and airfare for LIVE meet ups are not included.

The Rising Sisterhood Mastermind

For the woman who is ready to take her business, and her soul to the next level.



Frequently Asked Questions

June 20,21 22 in CT

November  14,15,16 in LA.


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