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EP151: My Transformation Story

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3 Tips to Manifest More In Your Life and Business

mindset Jun 04, 2019

Every month our VIP Supported Members get special access to an expert coach in the world of business and personal development. This month, we are super excited and honored to feature Ashley Gordon from Manifest with Ash.

Ashley is a Manifestation Coach and Master NLP Practitioner, founder of...

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BBPodcast: How We Give Our Power Away and How To Take It Back

mindset May 28, 2019

 It’s time to be more aware of the moments that take your power away from you.

When we criticize, get angry, lash out, blame, shame and justify we are using our power in a negative way to impact the lives of those around us. 

Do you think you’re powerful?


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Are you the only antagonist in your life and business?

mindset May 06, 2019

What I will say with certainty is that for some, this post will be hard to read - because it's true. I want to preface you reading this with LOVE and COMPASSION for you, your story, where you've been, and where you're going. 

As a businesswoman, you've chosen a life of eternal growth and...

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What does success really mean to you ?

mindset Apr 26, 2019

at least once a week I take out my permanent markers, lay on the floor and do some prompt exercises to shift my perception and improve my mindset. “What is the next level version of me doing every day?”
“What is my soul calling me to step into?” Prompts like that are...

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How to Stop Comparing Yourself on Social Media

mindset Apr 09, 2019

*This post is not yet edited by our copywriting team. We like to give you content right away and edit it for spelling errors after.

"Her life is cooler than mine."

"She's just prettier than me."

"She has more followers than I do."

"Her outfits are always so on point."

"When she poses she looks...

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How to Align With your next level of business

mindset Mar 21, 2019

I’m showing up in my next level. Have you noticed ?

At every level, I always ask: what are my rules?

In other words, “what do I need to believe to get to the next level?” Here are mine right now:


-I have intuitive abilities that are my innate gifts which I built a...

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