Why We Chose to Completely Rebrand Badass Business Babe

Uncategorized Feb 24, 2019

If you are reading this.... Magic has happened.


We did it. Months and months of hard work and we have completely redesigned our website. You are here.. experiencing it all for the first time.


The gorgeous clean layout

The beautiful new colors

The fancy official logo





I am so freaking happy.

The Badass Business Babe team worked SOOOO Freaking hard to bring this to you.

I am so proud of Cora-Lynn and Alyssa and so honored that the three of us (and Matt) got to work together on this project.


At every given moment of business, we are CONSTANTLY improving. Don't get me wrong, I loved our old course portal and offers, but we out grew it. Our old structure just didn't fit our needs anymore, and we felt deeply called to provide you a service and brand that was more high vibe than what we were currently offering.


So we had a meeting... and another meeting.. and we talked about it.. and we talked about it some more.


And then we worked... for months....


And then last month, we CRUSHED IT. 


BOOM. Here it is. The official next level of Badass Business Babe! 


While we were scared to turn everything upside down and completely redesign the site, course portal and email funnels we have associated with our brand, we knew the truth: There is NEVER a good time to rebrand.


We had to be okay with that.

Badass Business Babe is growing so fast and it is so beautiful, but I want the quality of our brand to evolve directly with the growth of our audience.


The more audience we have, the more years we have been running in business, the more revenue we are generating and therefore, the more money we should be able to invest in increasing the quality of the brand.


So rather than waiting for the next million dollar level, we decided it was time to rebrand and relaunch NOW. The longer we waited, the harder it would be to migrate our big email list and all of our student accounts and members over to a new system and Course portal.


But we did it. 


In case you are wondering, we had some clear priorities with this rebrand for Badass Business Babe, and I wanted to take a minute to share them with you so you know where we stand as a company.


Here's what we focused on this relaunch: 


1. We wanted a stronger visual brand. As I myself tap more into my feminine energy, I am feeling a true deep calling to express that in our branding. We took some time to really sink into the visual dream of Badass Business Babe. You'll notice the visuals of our new brand are more flowyyy and feminine. That is on purpose.

2. We wanted a more Mature brand visually. In addition to the colors and vibe being a little "next level," we also wanted a more professional mature looking brand. As we have expanded our market, we have started to work with a wide variety of business women; new, old, experienced, and amateur and we wanted the brand to reflect that and hold space for all different types of women.

3. We wanted to give more women options to enroll in our courses. We have added new amazing offers to our website that give ALL women the ability to invest n their business no matter what their budget is. Our Courses in the "START HERE" section will show you, we have options available for as low as $11.11 a month.

4. I wanted our systems to be able to handle hundreds of thousands of students. In the old days of building an online e-learning business, you had to buy three or four different software to have everything connect. You'd have your email list in one place, your payments received in another place, your landing pages in a different place and your website built through Wordpress. Talk about complicated. But let's face it, that was how we did it. Oh yeah, and we also had a course portal service we had to pay for too.

Now, with Kajabi, we are doing it all in one place. I am SOO freaking excited for the simplicity this will provide us as a business, but I am also excited for all of YOU. Simpler systems mean the ability to expand and provide you even more goodies in the Badass Business Babe brand.

5. I wanted a brand I was EXCITED ABOUT. Last year, I stopped blogging on my website. The truth was I felt supper disconnected from badassbusinessbabe.com because I felt like it was just a glorified sales page. I missed writing and creating content that was heartfelt for my audience, but my blog platform and the visual elements of the website felt super clunky and uninspiring. Now, with this rebrand, I am so excited to see what comes out in this blog over the next year.