Why I'm Teaming Up and Showing Up Less

business Mar 18, 2019

(watch the video above for more deets)


Business is a spiritual game. And lately, the lesson of the game has been all about surrender.


Be prepared for a juicy AF blog post ladies. I’m telling you all the things.


We made a big announcement on instagram this week (check your email today to see official details.) Cora-Lynn is coming out from behind the scenes to start coaching more in the Badass Business Babe brand.


She’s going to be teaching some really important elements of business in the Facebook Group, on the blog and on the insta.


I am SO super excited about it. While this was a big business decision that felt like a no brainer to me,  I of course like any human, had resistance. But not for the reasons you may think.


I was resisting my next level for fear of the unknown.


I know Cora-Lynn has a truly authentic voice that can create massive change in your business.


I also know that the more she shows up, the more I can start to sink deeper into my study and make time for other things.


And most importantly, I know I need a break. I need time to disconnect. I need hours to myself. I need silence to meditate. I am literally craving it in this season of my life right now. I really feel like I am cultivating a gift, learning to master my craft... and I want to actually LISTEN to the whispers that are telling me to go down this road…. I want to spend time mastering that gift, studying with other spiritual guides and really deepening my abilities so I can truly serve as many women on this planet as humanly possible.


I was afraid to make this decision because I feared things would fall apart if I slowed down and showed up less so I could study.


“I have a business to run right?”


Source is calling me to go down this path, and I have to listen.


Even if my Ego was screaming no. 


“You don’t have the money to invest in that study.”

“You don’t have the time to learn knew things”

“You still have to do xyz so you can’t do a b and c on your list of dreams and desires.”


I’m not about to let my ego run the show.


I am going to step into my next level. I feel it. And because I show up one step ahead of my physical world, I know I need to act like that next level version of me. And my next level Me does not feel OBLIGATED in her business… she feels fucking free and expansive and full of opportunity. 


She takes breaks when she wants to, studies when she wants to, creates what she wants when she wants to and she feels ZERO pressure or obligation around that.


And she masters her craft and takes time to do that.


So that’s what I’ll be doing… and that’s what you’ll get to see more of on instagram, facebook and in the group. (I even made a personal instagram account where I'll show up to share my inner journey of cultivating my craft. Lets be insta friends!


And because of Cora-Lynn, we only have a fuck ton more value to give. She's going to be sharing her story on the blog for all of you soon so you can get to know her!

 I'll still be showing up, but with more clear boundaries so I can study. And before you freak out about getting me less, just remember you're in for a wild beautiful transformational ride with me studying more to become better at what I do. I'll be more anchored into my spiritual truth. Sure I'll be showing up less, but it will be more POWERFUL. Plus, I'll be creating more personal lifestyle content on our blog as well as creating for the Facebook Group and our course portal. It will just be NEXT LEVEL content because I'm spending more time mastering my gifts!

This brand is about to blow up. I am so excited for us and for all of you who are on this journey as we grow #BBBNATION.


Make sure you are following our journey on the badass business babe instagram!  


Your Coach,

Lauren Eliz Love 


Start building your dream business ASAP.