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Uncategorized Sep 05, 2019

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Actually...the rest was really hard.


From October 2015 to December 2016 we lived on a mattress on the floor of Matt’s childhood bedroom. We left the city, and put all of our things (aside from my computer, desk and that mattress) into storage. I hustled. Hard. I spent 10 or 12 hours a day at my desk sometimes. I wrote blog posts, built my website, made graphics for pinterest, opt-ins for mailchimp, and I just spent my days rushing to build the foundation of an online brand.


And I kept creating my content, challenging myself to share my truth deeper than I had the day before.


I wrote about my rape.

I wrote about my suicide attempt.

I wrote about my divorce, and quitting my job, and finding love again, and living at my boyfriends parents house and basically anything that I could think of writing about.


And then one day, on a support call with my friend Jen (who was also growing her own online brand) she told me, “You know Lauren, I don’t think you are a blogger, I think you are a coach.”


And then that became the new whisper that got louder and louder and louder.


Becoming a coach came with its own set of challenges, fears and learning curves.


I didn’t really know how to brand myself in the online space.

I didn’t really know how to find clients.

I struggled with keeping my engagement up and being consistent on social media.

I wasn’t sure how to niche down, or how to design a program or what a group coaching offer even was.

And I definitely didn’t know how to have a sales call or how to create content that converted to sales and customers.


All of those strategy based challenges, coupled with my fears of not being experienced enough or “worthy” of a big successful business kept me weighed down for a bit.


But I pushed through it. Now, when I look back, having those challenges was the greatest gift on the entire planet: I learned how to overcome all of those things, so that I could teach women how to overcome those struggles too.


If you have a dream or a hunger to create a successful coaching business, listen babe: it starts with a decision.


You need to DECIDE that you are ready to create success. You need to decide that you are destined for greatness. You need to decide that no matter what, you are going to go after your dreams and not give up.


No one can make that decision but you.


And once you decide to be successful, you need to act on that decision. You need to work like success is inevitable. You need to show up like your desires are not a question of possibility: It’s not  “if they will happen” but “when they will happen.” 


Acting on that decision is about investing in your vision.

Investing time.

Investing energy.

Investing belief.

Investing love.

And investing money.


All of these things are important. Because when you believe in something, you invest in it.

Do you believe in your desire?

Are you showing up every day hoping things will work out or are you showing up every day with the certainty that you will get to your end destination? 


And if you are over there asking HOW to do it all, don’t worry… the HOW will appear. After all of my inner work, I found the strategies. I learned how to brand myself, how to find clients, how to keep my engagement up, how to be consistent on social media, how to land a sale, and how to create an audience that is hungry and excited to work with you.


I found the how because I decided to. And honestly, the minute I decided I would be successful, I found a magical opportunity to learn all of the how from a mentor who was right in front of me the entire time. How will ALWAYS appear when you’re ready for it. There is always a leader who will teach you and show you the way. Just set the intention to call her in. 


Looking back at my dots - the journey of going from corporate, to blogging, to aspiring writer, to now running this beautiful company, I can see how all of my dots connected.


But here’s the important part of the story: My dots connect now, because I was okay with not having a clue how they all connected up back then. I didn’t wait for everything to make sense before I took action: I trusted and had faith. Along the way every successful person takes leaps, and risks. Because every successful person believes that their desires are worthy of pursuit. 


So let me ask you, are you showing up that way? 


Isn’t it about time you decide to be worthy of your desires? 


Imagine what would be different about your life and your business if you showed up with absolute certainty in your inevitable success?


I know there is probably a dot in front of you right now that is calling you to jump.


What are you waiting for?


When would now be a good time? 



Your Coach Lauren Eliz Love.


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