Why Your Current Reality Isn't Your Future

mindset mastery Oct 28, 2019

Have you ever had a desire to do something that was so big and so beautiful but felt so impossible to achieve based on your current reality of life?
Have you ever wanted something for your future but then instantly thought about your current reality and thought to yourself, "Well maybe that won't work,"  or "that's not possible," or "Even if I got close to that goal, I would probably fail.."
Maybe it was a weight-loss goal or a business goal, or maybe it was just the desire to travel more, install a walk-in closet in your house, or get laser hair removal... I don't care.....whatever.... no judgment...
The desire pops up, and then before we can even give ourselves permission to be excited about our future six-pack or never having to buy a razor again, we jump into this space of telling ourselves, NO.... NO we can't have that.
I don't have the money...
I don't have the time....
That feels hard right now...
I'm not the type of person who is capable of that (now)....
And we immediately knock it down.
"No way can I achieve that desire of mine.... Look at how things are right now for me right now. How can I possibly receive that?"
There it is... Look at how things are right NOW.
The NOW of life can be a real Imposter Monster. It can convince us that we are not meant for the desires we have. It can pigeonhole us into the qualities of our life in this present moment (however shitty they may be) and put them on repeat for us over and over again.....
This is how we create a future that is just more of the same: 
We recreate the NOW because we think that what is true NOW must be true for forever.
Focusing on the NOW can be the biggest obstacle that stops us from moving forward in our life, especially if the NOW is full of things we do not want. 
It Negates our potential, it Omits our desires, and it makes us worry about whether or not we will ever create the future we desire.
The now SUCKS sometimes.
I'll admit, every so often I struggle with pulling myself out of the "now" of how things look in my business and my life. Especially when I am setting goals for my future.
I try to sink more deeply into the vision of what I want to achieve, who I want to be, and what I want to receive in life, and for some reason, I look at my NOW and say to myself: NO WAY is that possible.
I want to lose 30 pounds... NO way, look how hard it is to prepare and eat healthy foods right now.
I want to make a million dollars... NO way, look how far away you are from that goal right now.
I want a sexy six-pack boyfriend... NO way, look at all those crumbs on your chin from eating that whole bag of Doritos when you were watching Ellen. Why would any guy want to date you right now?
These are true-life thoughts, you guys... I've thought about these things.
And when it came to growing my business, this issue of getting stuck in the NOW was.... well... keeping me stuck in the NOW!
Sure, I want to imagine the future where I am making millions, driving a Porsche and getting a cleaning lady to change my bed sheets every week, but at this moment, I'm currently making pennies, and I can barely afford the car I have now... Oh... and my mattress doesn't even have a freaking bed-frame... so.....
Later on, when I started pitching myself to speak on other podcasters' platforms to get my message out there, I felt the NOW Monster Imposter come up again.
Yeah, it would be super cool to be featured all over the internet, but right now I don't have a professional website, and I've never even had a professional photoshoot or media kit created... oh... and my Instagram following is really small.. so why would anyone want me on their show?
And when I was stepping into Coaching and designing online courses, I had the same old NOW stories come up.
Right now, people don't know me as a coach, so why would anyone actually want to hire me?
And now? Now you might be wondering if after all these years of personal development work and inner healing do I still have the Now Imposter Monster come up? 
Yes.... NOW it is coming up again. Like legit RIGHT NOW as I am writing this....
As I evolve and expand the brand and my message, the heart of my Higher Self is telling me to do something that on paper feels really, really scary:
"STOP talking about business," she says.
"START talking about personal development and spirituality."
"Now??? You mean, like..... right now?"
And then I look at my current reality and get ALL freaked out by this new heart-centered assignment.
"Lauren, right NOW you are a business coach... your brand is called BADASS BUSINESS BABE. Why would anyone want your spiritual teachings?"
But if I am really honest with myself, this is something that I have been feeling for a while. I've just been ignoring it because it feels scary.
Faith, our Leads Expert and Membership Manager, has been having these deep conversations with me about my purpose in life... and she keeps telling me things that I have been thinking for a long time but have felt too scared to say out loud: I am meant to be a spiritual and personal development teacher.
"I really believe there is a place for you there," she says.
And then I cry like a big baby because she is saying things that make me feel so excited and so scared all at once.
And I can look at my NOW and say, "Well, right now, I am a business teacher..."
I can look at my NOW and say, "Well our entire audience is relying on me for strategy right now..."
I can look at my NOW and say, "Am I truly qualified to step into this?"
I can choose to focus on the NOW of the physical reality in front of me, or I can choose to focus on something deeper: My own personal inner knowing.
And if I look closely....  and pay attention to the detail beyond the fear, I know that I am a spiritual and personal development teacher. I know this is true.
I know this is true because every single conversation Faith and I have about me being a spiritual teacher makes me cry.
I know this is true because when I close my eyes and see myself speaking on stage it's about transformation and spirituality (and that makes me cry too.)
I know this is true because when I think about the lives I can impact and the humans I can help when I step into this mission my heart is full of love and butterflies and innate knowing that I am in my truth.
I know this is true because, in my heart, it is.
Sometimes we have this battle between our NOW monster and our Higher-Self heart-centered voice. And the truth is, we can choose to focus on either of those. Yes... we have a CHOICE.
We can decide what is more important to us to pay attention to.
We have the freedom to consciously decide which message we give meaning to.
Do we pay attention to what is? Or do we focus on what COULD be?
Do we give energy to our current reality? Or do we invest our time and care into the future we are calling in?
Do we listen to our fear? or do we listen to our hearts?
I want you to know that along your journey of life you will always feel pulls and pings to do scary things... on paper, based on your NOW, those desires may not make any sense AT ALL. But it's not your job to make sense of them: It is your job to LISTEN and have FAITH in your heart more than your fear.
Are you listening to the whispers?
Higher-self, Heart-centered voice, whoever you are and where-ever you come from: I'm listening NOW.

P.S Did you know the Business Babe Podcast used to be The Badass Business Podcast?


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