How Force Creates Failure: What we learned when we operated out of alignment in our biz.

business Oct 02, 2019

This is really hard for me to share... (Deep breaths Lauren...) Here we go:

I spent 6 months trying to force something in my business that didn’t work and was totally out of alignment: sharing the face of my brand with someone else.

Back in March, I brought Cora-Lynn on to “share the spotlight” with me.

We made this big announcement in March (swipe to see it) and impulsively, we just jumped.
We changed our profile image and overnight we became a co-creator brand. We spent months redesigning our site, creating a co-Coaching program and rushing into a decision that wasn’t truly connected for either of us.

It felt forced, hard, confusing, and fear based.

After six months of force, on September 9 we made a decision together to have Cora-Lynn and I both step back into our zones of genius and return to the solo vision: BBB by Lauren Eliz Love. You can listen to today’s podcast episode to hear the entire story from both of us.
Honestly, I knew this decision was something I would share with you... and it scared the shit out of me to be transparent with you all about this.

Here’s the Truth: This was the hardest thing I have ever navigated in business. And part of me didn’t want to share it. I felt like I failed publicly. I felt like I wavered and wobbled in front of this community I built. I honestly feel like I’m sharing my most vulnerable flawed self with you right now. And that’s scary.

But here’s what I know to be true: growing a business involves some dead ends and U-turns. You’ll try things that work and many more things that won’t. You’ll make mistakes, have flops, and you’ll sometimes try something that feels totally out of alignment just to learn the lesson of how important being in alignment really is.

This happens at every stage: not just at the beginning. And it happens to everyone. We are human.

Inside the VIP Supported magazine this month for our members, I’m sharing my story in the Love Letters series about this whole experience (and CL shares her side too.) I just want you all to know that it’s okay to not have it all figured out. It’s okay to not be perfect. It’s okay to show people your vulnerability.

I hope this inspires you to be real.







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If you saw yesterdays post on instagram, you know we have shifted into a new brand identity after six months of struggle. We brought CL on as the face of the brand with me back in March, and for six months we struggled forcing something that actually wasn't really aligned... Yesterday we announced our official decision to come back to our truth: My voice, my mission, my message, and CL working fiercely behind the scenes to get that message in front of as many people as possible. IT'S MORE THAN OKAY TO TRY THINGS THAT DON'T WORK IN YOUR BUSINESS. and in addition, it is more than okay to be transparent about that process with your audience. Even in LIFE decisions you guys, sometimes we try to force shit that just doesn't work... and then we learn the lesson, move on and grow. My hope is that by listening to our story you learn to honor your truth more deeply, and spend less time forcing things that do not feel truly aligned with your vision of life and business. So... this audio..... is REAL Deal. if you thought the podcast was real and raw this week (Badass Business Podcast number 135, just wait till you listen to this fierce audio.) Inside the VIP Supported Membership, every single month I write a feature in the magazine called "Love Letters from Lauren." It reads like a book essay would (because I'm practicing my book writing skills) and every month, the written feature is coupled with a recorded audio file (incase members don't want to read the entire thing and would rather listen.) I use the Love Letter platform to write about the vulnerable lesson I am learning in that season of my life and business to help our members move through their own transitions, growth and transformations. Obviously this month's Love Letter is about the entire journey of the last six months of struggle and what I moved through, and learned in the process. Usually this is something we only share with our VIP Supported Members, but in honor of the big announcement I wanted to share the audio version of the Love Letter with all of you today. I hope it inspires you, speaks to you, and cracks you open in a new way that gives you permission to OWN your truth.

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