Edge of Evolution - What It Feels Like and Why It's Important to Take Chances at That Moment

mindset Jun 18, 2019

We spent our whole entire lives afraid of what other people think.


We've avoided saying things at dinner tables.

Kept our mouth shut in friend circles.

Grit our teeth at parties 

and deleted text we should have sent to men we were talking to.


All because we were scared of how other people would see us.


In my senior year of college (this is Lauren writing btw) I married a Man who I didn't truly want to marry. When I realized that he wasn't my truth I married him anyway because I was afraid of upsetting my mom or my grandmother if I canceled the wedding we had been planning for so long. 

When I was in grade school, I switched to an all-girls soccer team because my dad was afraid I would get hurt. I kept my truth a secret because I was wrong or dirty for wanting to play with the boys. 

When I was dating a man after my divorce, he told me I looked silly in a certain kind of sneaker - so I immediately never bought them again.... even though they made me feel SO high vibe wearing them (before he said something of course.)


I have been shutting my truth off my entire life. in small ways and in big ways too.


When I was raped at 19, and sexually assaulted at age 13, I said no over and over again. Not being heard for my truth, I shut off and escaped from what was happening until it was over because I felt like my truth was irrelevant and would go unheard no matter how loud I spoke it.

When I woke up after my suicide attempt my rapist was sitting next to me in the hospital with a big teddy bear. And I kept quiet and never told the doctor the truth because I learned that "making a scene" was wrong and inappropriate.

When I was older, I picked the career that felt "safe," on paper. You know, the one that your parents smile about when you tell them what your major is. I never spoke my truth of wanting to be an author or wanting to run my own company because I was deeply afraid of what people would say and how they would judge my desires.


I shut off my longings, truths, and vulnerability in life because I was afraid other people wouldn't like them. Or worse.... they wouldn't like ME once they saw my longings, truths, and vulnerabilities. 

And if you're out there reading this blog post going, "Oh yea I can relate to that..." Please continue reading.


Your vulnerability is your superpower. Living in your truth is your KEY to an abundant happy and prosperous life. None of my financial freedom came when I was faking it or pretending to have my shit together. My life transformed when I made the decision to truly authentically and 100 percent live in my truth.

I found my COURAGE to live my best life and as a result, the Universe saw me in my true authenticity and came through to support me in all that I needed.

I have spent the last three years dedicating my life to sharing my vulnerability to help other women. Because it isn't about ME. This work we are here to do is about something bigger and greater than ourselves.

And if you are feeling the call to talk about scary things on social media....

if you have a desire or a hunger to speak your truth in some way....

If there is a higher vibing more amazing version of YOU calling you in right now....


LISTEN to the whispers. You are being guided.



Start building your dream business ASAP.