Coming Out From Behind the Screen w/ Cora-Lynn Hazelwood

business Mar 18, 2019

Truthfully, I've written and rewritten this first sentence over 50 times.
When Lauren asked me to write a blog post sharing my story, my message, and what I'll be doing moving forward with BBB I was excited, then came nerves, then came the "what if I don't tell it all", then the "what if they don't understand..."

How does a woman sum up a lifetime worth of experience, life lessons, hardships and fucking incredible manifestations in one post? How many words are too many? How much sharing is too much sharing?

Breath in. Breath out.
Come back to the body.
Tap into my truth. Proceed.

The truth is that I've been here behind the scenes working my butt off with Lauren and the Team for over a year. During that time many of you saw my face on your coaching calls for Six-Figure Biz Babe and the Coaching Mentorship. Some of you thought I was a student, some of you thought I was a VA and you're both right. Let me start a little further back...

I was sitting in my house in small-town Ontario on a cold December afternoon when I was overwhelmed with stress. I was working remotely for a digital social media/ad agency and my stress was through the roof.

I was barely leaving my house.

I was living off my credit cards, I had no fun and I was starting to feel a sense of anxiety and depression creeping in around my circumstances.

I knew I had to quit my job but I had no idea where to start. I wanted to run an online business helping women like myself make their dreams a reality.

"But how do I teach women to turn their dreams into a reailty if my dreams are nowhere near reality?", I thought.

I opened up my journal and asked myself "what's MY next step?".

Find a "bridge job".

A job that would help me develop skills as a coach, would give me an opportunity to express myself creatively, financially support me in quitting my job & paying off my debt, connect me to like-minded women and support me in my pursuit of being a nomadic entrepreneur.

And then I let myself dream. What is the "dream job?".

Travel to beautiful destinations. A sisterhood of women in pursuit of bettering their lives but more importantly soul sisters who would be present to support me in every area of life. I wanted to speak, loudly, about my trials and tribulations so other women could learn with me. I wanted to be creative, daily, in the online space through photography, writing, graphic design and podcasting. I wanted the freedom to create my own hours, design my own life, create my own job and I wanted to have an impact and influence on women in the online space.

Two hours later I popped onto Facebook and there was a post, top of my feed, that Lauren was hiring a VA. Without an updated resume ready and this nagging ego feeling like I was overqualified,  I quickly fired off an email to her and the team.

Two days later I had my second job as the VA of Badass Business Babe.

Since day one, I've taken all of her courses, I've been on every SFBB and Coaching Mentorship call partially taking notes but mostly learning and studying not just Lauren, but her students as well. I've watched her coach women through many breakthroughs. I've seen her strategize the f*ck out of business' of all shapes and sizes and I've seen her pour her heart and soul into this community. I'm inspired by her every single day and it's an honour to be stepping into a deeper connection with her and this BADASS BUSINESS BABE community.

Over the course of the last year, my role here has shifted immensely.

I quickly went from VA to the designer, to creative strategist, to project manager to Biz Partner ( EEEEE!!!). My ego surfaced often as my Leo energy demanded to be seen in the online space (leo sun, moon and rising over here!). I battled often how much I craved being a business owner vs how much I loved working with Lauren and the team.

In August of last year, after I stressed myself out yet again, I had a breakthrough.

"Be highly involved in the creation and highly unattached to the outcome" came booming out of my speakers as I drove into town. I pulled over on the side of the road to cry. I was so desperately trying to control the outcome of every area of my life that I had taken all the joy out of the process. And I promised I would surrender.

I stopped worrying about the end game and started leaning in. Before I knew it I was working less than ever before and creating an income I never dreamed possible. Debt paid for. Coaching skills being worked on. Creatively expressing myself. For the first time in my life, I can honestly say I surrendered.

Over the last year, Lauren and I have worked HARD to merge our gifts together seamlessly. We've challenged each other to be more OPEN in our communication and we've supported each other through way more than business decisions. She and Matt have become my family.

When we planned this retreat to LA a few short weeks ago I felt a shift happening. I knew that when I got on that plane, nothing would be the same. I felt it in my body that things were about to transform for me in ways I never dreamed possible, and despite the fear, I chose again to surrender to the universe.

It wasn't until I was sitting however many feet above sea level, travelling to LA that I realized my "bridge job" was actually not a job, but THE DREAM, I just hadn't paused long enough to see it.

Everything I was seeking just a year ago had been gracefully delivered to me with the exception of my desire to be seen, for my story to be heard and for my voice to matter. You can call it ego, but it's my truth and I'm sitting here fully owning that desire which has coursed through my veins since I was a young child.

The final piece of my dream puzzle was connected and made my reality this week. When Lauren asked this week if I was willing to play a more integral, face forward, role in the business I truly wanted to cry. I'm honestly crying right now thinking about it but I know with all of my heart and soul that I can serve you all beautifully as we move forward.

I'm excited to get to know all of you on a deeper level.
I'm excited to share my lessons in life and business with you.
I'm excited to support you on your journey to building profitable, joy-infused online businesses with the expertise I've cultivated since I started working at the age of 11.

You'll see me showing up to teach you all the tech things to start. With my Bachelor in Technology and a minor in Marketing, the online space is my comfort zone. I've been building websites, blogging and using photo editing tools since I was 13. I'll show up with Lauren to support you in building your websites, email funnels, taking incredible eye-catching photos, and making sure you're taking action toward your best SELF and BIZ.

In my 27 years of life, I've navigated the devastating loss of my father to cancer, the loss of best friends to better choices, abusive relationships, victim mentality, p;oor money mindset, eating disorders, beautiful relationships that simply didn't fit and so much more.

I know that I'm a new face in your community and I do not take this role lightly.

I will show up for you.

I will serve you and your needs and I promise to be an open book as we step through this transition TOGETHER. No question is too big or too small for me to answer. My stories, mistakes and celebrations are your opportunity to learn and my chance to get to know you.

I'm honoured to show up alongside Lauren to support you.
I'm deeply touched that Lauren trusts me to step into her sacred space.
And I'm also really fucking excited to support YOUR business with some of my gifts.

We're about to create more magic and abundance than you ever dreamed, babe.

Breath in. Breath out.
Tap into your truth and take the next best step for you.



Start building your dream business ASAP.