BADASS BUSINESS BABE is a self improvement and business development brand. We are on a mission to help all coaches and online business owners create their dream life, business and income! Founded by Lauren Eliz Love in 2016, we now have a beautiful team serving a gorgeous community of women in the online space. Cora-Lynn (my Biz Partner ), Matt (our badass business bro), & Faith (blogger extraordinaire & queen of all the things ) all work hard every day to provide you and the Badass Business tribe with the mindset and strategy tools to explode an online business. 


Hey babe, I'm Lauren. So happy you are here. Welcome to the Badass Business Babe family. Together, lets shift you into the million dollar version of YOU. You ready? 

Little bit about me, I live in Connecticut with my amazing hubby (the official Badass Business Bro) and my cute fur babies Zoey and Animal (they are my little mascots)

In 2015, I quit my job to pursue my hunger for making a bigger impact in the world. I left my job as a network news television producer and set out to grow a blog and personal development brand called What is Perfection. In less than two years, I had created a multiple six-figure coaching business.

Shortly after, hundreds of women were coming up to me asking how they could effectively grow their businesses to that level. And boom! Badass Business Babe was formed.

You can read my full story at the bottom of this page.



Our mission is to help online entrepreneurs reach larger audiences and grow their incomes with the most innovative and up to date online business related coaching available, including all best practices.

We offer online courses that cover all of the physical and emotional obstacles related to handling an influencer’s brand in the online space. We teach online influencers how to become effective influencers. Not just by growing an audience, but by generating an income.

We cover everything from how to build your website, to how you can emotionally hold space for generating multiple six figures.

If it affects your business, you bet your badass we’ve done a training on it!

Our goal is to give you everything you need not only to transform your online brand, but also to transform yourself, to really grow and step into that next level of yourself so you are always in a state of upleveling your life and business. Because the brand is YOU! You are your business’s biggest asset! The evolution of an online entrepreneur can be rocky, but it doesn’t have to be! We run an online community full of amazing biz babes who help and hold each other accountable along the journey (it’s free to join!).


Lauren Eliz Love


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The First Year of Growing a Business…

The first year of entrepreneurship was like what the first year of a babies life is to a parent: Fucking HARD.

We packed up all of our things from New York City and I moved in with Matt 2.0’s parents in Connecticut. I had no car, no job, a storage unit for our shit and a check from the bank for $15,000 from my 401K that I promised myself I would one day pay back. I had a year to make this work. We decided that was the plan.

And in  October of 2015 I founded my company – What is Perfection LLC.

I started with a personal brand – a blog, an instagram and some nice photos of myself, and I woke up every day showing up on the internet to answer one question:

How can I share more about my life today? 

I shared everything from my past: The trauma, the assaults, the rape.

And hardly anyone judged me.

It was incredibly healing. And the more I opened up the more of an audience I attracted.

Growing a Business and an Audience

Growing my audience was my main objective because I knew that’s where the money was. I had studied bloggers and recognized that the more hits they had on their website the more money they were charging for their content.

At the time, I thought I would make most of my money with add revenue, but the percentage of income available for that was so small, and it took a really long time to grow a platform. You couldn’t do it overnight.

I only had a year.

And I didn’t want to wait to help people.

Confused, and running on broke, I went to my first Tony Robbins event to figure my shit out. I had about $500 left to my name and was coming up on the end of my rope.

And then I watched Tony Robbins in that room doing those interventions and I thought: “Holy shit. I am going to do this.”

“I am not a blogger. I am a freaking COACH!”

I came home and designed 3 online coaching programs.

And then like that, I started to shift into coaching. I got one on one clients and started doing Facebook Live videos. So much started to change.

I spent 12 hours a day in front of the computer building my website WhatisPerfection.com.

I would wake up, grab my coffee and sit in front of the computer…… ALL Day.

I would write blog posts, design online courses, record videos, shoot photos, make some PDF guides (that visitors could opt-into via email) and then spent the rest of my time building a social media presence on instagram and facebook. I was doing all the things.

By the end of the year I had my first $8,000 month and was celebrating like CRAZYYYY.

And then the questions started to come: “Lauren, how the hell did you grow your business so quickly?” and “How can I do that too?”

So I listened to the whispers. And Badass Business Babe was formed.

Since Then.

What is Perfection LLC. Closed it’s doors after completing a $187,000 year. After building a beautiful coaching empire that attracted thousands of women, I realized there was a deeper need for helping other business women get their products and services out there to the world. People everywhere and at any income level should have the tools they need to make a difference in the world.

In the early days of growing my business, I needed to learn the strategy of growing a social media audience and how to convert them into customers. But I also needed a lot of inner work too. I needed the coaching tools to learn how to overcome my fears of failure and not being good enough. I had to learn how to be vulnerable though story on social media to attract customers, and how to properly engage with customers when you have them.

And I had to figure out a lot of that on my own.

When I was building, I had a hard time finding those resources to get me there. And when I “arrived” and hit a beautiful income in my business I realized it didn’t have to be as hard as it was.

If I just had the resources, I could have grown my business faster.

And so now I serve the Badass Business Babe tribe members on how to reach their goals faster.

I teach the strategy and the mindset tools every entrepreneur needs to get to that level. I spend my days testing new online marketing strategies and then I spend my nights teaching it to my students in group programs like Six Figure Biz Babe and in my VIP Tribe.

Because I believe that the more Business Babes I can help out there, the better a place this world will be. We all deserve to live in our purpose and we deserve make money doing what we love.

Because your purpose is not what you achieve, your purpose is who you become when you achieve it.


Lauren Eliz Love





My name is Lauren Eliz Love. And if you’re reading this, it’s because you want to know more about me.

But before I give you all the details about the nitty gritty of my life, there is something you need to know: I Lauren Eliz Love, am a horrible speller.Yes it’s true. And you should expect to see the signs of that in this article.

When I started putting myself out there on social media years ago, I got tons of messages from people pointing out my flaws. And it hurt.

Dear Lauren I love your story but you have so many spelling errors in it. Do you need a copy editor? – sincerely Jessica.

Yes… Jessica. Thank you for letting me know I have spelling errors in my story. I have spelling errors in my instaposts/blogs/websites/anywhere else I write a sentence on the internet  because I am a person who continuously makes spelling errors. THANK YOU FOR REMINDING ME!

When I was a kid I spelt the word penis instead of pennines in a Catholic School book report. I’ll let you guess how that turned out.

So yeah, if you see some errors here you don’t have to alert the masses or send out alert dogs or anything like that.

Got it? Cool.

The second thing you need to know about me…..

I am an incredibly honest person. I don’t hide anything. like, ever.

I say that, because while I think it is super important for you to read a post that explains who I am and how I got here, I think it’s also important to let you know that my openness in this article might be a bit jarring for some.

When people get to know me, it usually goes one of two ways. Either they get totally freaked out by how open I am, OR they freaking love it. I’ll cross my fingers  that this love connection we made on the internet goes well for the both of us.

And finally, before you dive in, you need to know this:

I once had an incredibly fucked up life.

Okay. So now that that’s out of the way, let’s dive in.

All the Things About Me: Lauren Eliz Love

Okay, so you probably stumbled on me somewhere in internet space around Badass Business Babe. It’s the website you are on right now and the name of the media company I run. Badass Business Babe dot com is an online brand that offers courses and trainings for women trying to grow businesses online. It’s super cool.

I teach people a lot of different things like how to build their website or their social media following. And I also teach a lot of mindset work too, like how to overcome the fear of failure or how to become an energetic match for the million dollar version of you.

Basically, I am an educator. Some people would call that a coach or an online mentor, but I like to use the word Influencer.

Don’t know what that is exactly? Here, I’ll help you:

Online Influencer: (noun;) Someone that gets paid to  promote the elements of their life to a social media audience. Aka:      someone who is trying to sell something that they like/use/believe in on the internet.

The social media space is evolving and everyone and their mother is trying to sell something on social media. But few people actually know how to do it the right way. So that’s where I come in.

I teach you how to do it the right way. With a ton of fun, silliness and F bombs.

I am super passionate about helping people make money on the internet because at one point I struggled really hard to do it myself. Back in 2015, I quit my job to start a blog. It was an uphill learning curve and once I figured out the online secrets, I wanted to blast them all over the internet so everyone knew how they could do it too.

Basically 97% of people in the online space are trying to sell something… and like two percent of those people actually know how to do it the right way. Most of them fail hard trying to grow a business.

And I didn’t fail. Actually, I fucking crushed it.

So…..that’s kind of how I fell into the business coaching space.  I was a blogger, who eventually became a life coach, who fell in love with teaching people how to grow businesses of their own.

I listened to the whispers, and here we are.

My Teenage Years: Growing Into Lauren

I grew up feeling like I was different. from everyone. Seriously I never felt like I fit in. (Here comes the direct awkward overshare for ya.)

When I was 13 years old she (my closet friend) started cutting herself. I went to catholic school and when everyone in the community found out, she and I were sort of outcast. She went away to a psychiatric facility for two months and missed our eighth grade graduation and I was basically shunned by all our peers.

I was incredibly insecure and alone, and for some reason my hormone filled brain gave me the idea to get a boyfriend. “Maybe that will make you feel happy,” I thought. No one in my school wanted to date me (I was awkward, chubby and had a brace face) so I found this random friend of a friend in public school to go after. He was a tough bad boy who I later found out was kicked out of school for pulling a knife on another student. I was so in over my head and so incredibly unaware of what pain that relationship would cause me in my life. Looking back, this is kind of where the trauma of my life started.

This teenage boy was incredibly dangerous and sexually eager. One night when I was babysitting my sisters he broke into my house with six of his friends and molested me because it was a “fun thing to do.” This was my eighth grade year in case you are wondering how much of a kid I was. Looking back I do realize my childhood was taken from me -something that drastically affected how I transitioned into adulthood.

Being a kid was hard for me. I had a lot of unique experiences that made me feel misunderstood and isolated from my peers.  So I went to high school with a mission to be normal and started over pretending like it all never happened.

You know that saying, “The universe sends you a feather, and then if you don’t listen it sends you a brick and then a Mac truck?” Well, in College, I got the Mac truck.

Date Rape and Finding Safety in a Drug Addict.

My freshman year of college, I met a boy on campus and we dated for a few months. He was joining a fraternity, but as someone who didn’t do well in peer groups, I wasn’t all that interested in pledging.Maybe it was his attempt at looking cool in front of his frat buddies or maybe it was just him, but my college BF was incredibly abusive and totally mistreated women. I wanted him to love me. He wanted no part of that.

It was an unhealthy relationship with little communication and a ton of verbal abuse. He would could come over my dorm have sex with me, tell me I was a piece of shit and then leave. As a teenager I could’t comprehend or understand what this relationship was. So after months of trying to make it work, I decided to break up with him.

A few days later he called me to his room and told me he wanted to talk to me. I thought he wanted to get back together. Instead he raped me. I spent the next few days heavy drinking and mixing drugs to numb the pain. Then I attempted suicide and ended up in the hospital.

I don’t know If I actually wanted to die or if I was trying to just avoid the feelings I was experiencing after the rape. I don’t remember much about that day, but I do remember him driving me to hospital yelling at me I woke up a day later or so with him standing over me holding a big teddy bear in his arms and telling me how sorry he was.

A few days later, still plagued with thoughts of ending my life, I was admired into a psychiatric facility and spent a month in inpatient care.

I left school and spent the next few years medicated and walking around like a zombie. I met a man named Matt and decided to marry him (we call him Matt 1.0 now because my second husbands name is also Matt.) A few months into our marriage I started to look at what I had been through growing up. I “woke up,” came off medication and started going to therapy.

I found out the man I married was a severe drug addict who had been hiding his identity from me the entire time we were together. He didn’t want to get sober and I didn’t want to go back into that world of neglecting my feelings with substances. So I called it off. We split up and never spoke again. I left all of my belongings behind, moved back in with my parents and decided to start over.

Getting my life back….

As a new single woman I started getting my shit together and working for CBS News. I was a television producer and I was busting my ass to climb the corporate ladder. After my divorce I started to look at all of the things that I was really avoiding in my life… I had never told anyone about the rape or the sexual assault… I had never even shared the fact that I was on mood stabilizers with anyone or that I had a mental illness and tried to kill myself once.

Why was I hiding all of this? What was I so afraid of? 

While keeping it a secret from everyone else, I was also avoiding looking at these topics within myself. So during my divorce, as I started to get my life together again, I made a promise to myself to really “fix my shit” and to figure out who I was truly meant to be.

So I started studying personal development. I began watching videos by Bob Proctor and Tony Robbins. I took yoga classes and tried meditation. I went all in. And I found forgiveness in myself and everyone around me.

And just like that my life started to evolve. I got promoted at work, lost 60 pounds, found the man of my dream (Matt 2.0) … everything was happening FOR me in my life. And it was beautiful. I even came off all my medication!

          Note to Self: When you truly do the work, the Universe does it with you.

So after all of that I started to find happiness. I transformed. I shifted my values and started to really shape my identity. I was a brand new happy and fulfilled me.

And with that, I found a deep calling to help other women find their joy too. I wanted to teach women how to go from nothing into the most beautiful versions of themselves. I wanted to give women the power to overcome trauma, loss, and hurt. I wanted to show people that transforming yourself was possible.

But how would I do that without going back to school?

“I could build a blog and share my stories,” I thought.

And the minute I felt that calling from the Universe, I immediately squashed it.

 “Oh no that’s too scary,” I thought. “I need health insurance for my depression pills,” (seriously that was my first thought.)

“There’s no way this can happen. I would have to quit my job and then what? Move in with my boyfriends parent’s or something? Hell no, Universe.” 

        Second Note to Self: when you don’t listen to the whispers the Universe starts to send you, She gets real angry and fucks shit up so you are forced to listen.

So the Universe said Fuck you and pushed me towards my dream. And boom. Just like that, everything that wasn’t serving me in my life started to fall apart.

  • I got a terrible new boss who haaaatteeeddd me and started to push me out of the company.
  • My husband started working a new location that required him to travel another hour away from where we lived in the city.
  • And the calling kept getting bigger and bigger and bigger. So like any normal human I drank it away…. Until I couldn’t ignore the voice anymore….

One day I listened. And I quit my job and decided it was just the right time to go off all my medication.