You're probably reading this page because you want to know more about Badass Business Babe and the magical work we do here, or you might be wanting to know a little bit more about me, Lauren Eliz Love.

Can I give you the inside scoop on both?

Okay. Here we go! 

I’m Lauren Eliz and I run BBB. I am a spiritual woman teaching success & transformation strategy to biz babes across the world 🌎

Badass Business Babe is a brand that teaches ALL the things when it comes to business and personal development. We teach online marketing strategies, inner work practices, Success Principles, and the Lifestyle practices of a high vibe business babe. (join our membership -it's amazing!)


About me and how I started Badass Business Babe

In 2015 I decided I was going to quit my job and start a blog. Crazy, I know. Especially because I was living in the city and had a pretty kick butt career as a Network news television producer!

I had done everything right: Got good grades and got a great job right out of college - but after 4 years in the industry I was pretty miserable.

2015 was the year I left corporate life and jumped into the Unknown but my story started way before that.

You cannot be worth something in business, if you don't feel full of worth in your personal life.

And the truth is, I had been through a lot of struggle in my life before 2015, that I was starting my business venture with my confidence was at a really low level. I thought, "If I can just be successful, then I will feel happy, confident and good enough."

I had a lot of baggage that made me feel like I wasn't good enough. I had spent years struggling with addiction, in and out of abusive relationships, and as a victim of sexual trauma at a very young age. I even tried to take my own life at the age of 19.

But by 2015. I had done a ton of work around my past traumas. I woke up, started healing, found personal development and became an entirely new woman. Transformation started to unfold and I started to recognize that I did in fact have control over my reality.

I could create my destiny and design my life however I wanted!

It was empowering. And I wanted to help other people transform too.

So in 2015 I was 25, and on the other side of all my personal struggles when I felt this deep calling to help other women overcome their obstacles by sharing my stories in the online space.

It felt scary. "Quit your job and start a blog" wasn't exactly something I saw other people doing... "What if I fail? What if I can't do this? What if I'm not enough?" All of those insecurities started to come up again.

That first year of business was the hardest year.

-I felt alone in my business journey because no one around me had done what I was trying to do and it was hard to feel supported.

-I felt confused by the online strategies of growing a business because the industry was always changing and I had such a hard time keeping up and finding the right tactics that worked.

-I was plagued with fears, doubts and overwhelm that kept me stuck and self sabotaging in my business.

So you know what I did? I took control: I went to a personal development seminar.

I spent my last 500 dollars on a ticket to an event that changed my life forever.

It showed me how powerful and capable I was.

It opened my eyes to my own infinite potential - a potential that each and every one of us have.

It gave me a deeper knowledge of the transformation tools that I was so hungry to teach.

And for the first time I heard this new belief inside of me: "You CAN and WILL do this."

That year I hit $187,000 in my online business as a personal blogger, coach and online course creator. (I was also doing a bit of network marketing too at the time.)

I figured out the success secrets and the transformation codes that changed my life and my clients lives forever.

I promised myself that I would dedicate my life to helping women create success in this world of business and more importantly, within themselves.

Because here's the REAL truth: Business isn't a strategy game. Business is a SPIRITUAL game.

It puts all your fears and old stories on the table and makes you fight to transform.

Growing a business is really about growing yourself.

And that's what we teach here at BBB: Becoming the woman you ALWAYS wanted to be.



Thats me and my hubby - Badass Business Bro, Matt.


We provide women the TOOLS for personal and business TRANSFORMATION.

Badass Business Babe is a community of women dedicated to growing themselves as they create financial freedom.

Our Membership is a place for women to come learn business strategy, and feel entirely supported on their business journey. Members get access to live coaching calls, the Members only community, an archive of business and personal development training programs and monthly trainings for both strategy and inner work.

The Badass Business Podcast is a place where you can hear me share my story, trainings and tips as well as powerful interviews with business women who are doing the work just like you.

Our Group Coaching Programs are full immersion transformation experiences to take control of your physical, emotional and financial destiny.

Our goal is to give you everything you need not only to transform your online brand, but also to transform yourself, to really grow and step into that next level of yourself so you are always in a state of upleveling your life and business. Because the brand is YOU! You are your business’s biggest asset! The evolution of an online entrepreneur can be rocky, but it doesn’t have to be!


Lauren Eliz Love


HI babes! My name is Lauren Eliz Love and I am the Founder of Badass Business Babe. I have 3 little fur babies: Zoey (in this pic with me), Lilly (100lbs of mush), and Animal (like the muppet); I live with my amazing nerdy husband who sometimes reminds me of Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory... ….I also call my house plants my Green Babies… and I sing to them… so….. who’s really the nerd here?

I quit my job in 2015 to become a life coach, blogger and influencer. I bought a domain name, said Adios to corporate life, and took a big scary leap. 
What started as “crazy idea” 5 years ago turned into personal development brand that helped thousands of women and made multiple six figures.

Then I started getting asked, “HOW” - how the heck did you build this online empire in such a short amount of time? I realized there were SO many women who needed help growing their passion businesses… so I expanded my mission, and Badass Business Babe was formed!

We have an epic podcast full of free value called The Badass Business Podcast And an amazing Facebook community of over 20,000 amazing business babes. Whoever you are, and whatever you do, you DESERVE to make money doing what you LOVE.